“Women on a Mission”- Bible Study Review

“Women on a Mission” is a Bible study by GritandVirtue.com featured on Bible.com. Below is a summary of the whole plan with verses provided in no particular order. I also put a link for a song by Hillsong United that goes well with this study. If you would like more depth into this subject and the Women on a Mission bundle, be sure to check out the Bible study “Women on a Mission!”

Proverbs 31 is the model for this study. Proverbs 31 speaks of a strong and dignified woman of God in all areas of her life. The into video (by Ezra Gordon) is very inspiring, with a poem by Hosanna Poetry. Grit and Virtue call the Proverbs woman a “woman on a mission.” Even if we don’t have all the characteristics of this Proverbs woman, we don’t need to be discouraged because our relationship with God is the “most important trait.” We are called to do something (or some-things) and we are all leaders in these roles. We can see it as a blessing or curse.

How are we using our “passion, purpose and potential?” Are we laboring in vain or doing it to spread the Kingdom Glory? Once we address this, we can move on to aligning our dreams with our lifestyle but how do we do this? “As women on a mission, it’s our job to live devoted to our heavenly Father so that we can experience all He has for us.”

Hillsong United song “All I Need is You”

Lyrics to “All I Need is You”

We are all new creations in Christ and we need to stop giving authority to our fears and insecurities…waiting on the Lord patiently can be one of the hardest things to do! Believe me, I’ve had so many back-up plans just in case God never pulled through. We gotta take God at His Word and not rely on how we feel.

Please comment with your thoughts below and have a wonderful rest of the week!


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