Slightly Light & Slightly Free

Freely and Lightly in the Identity series is the sermon I witnessed this past weekend, presented by Pastor Carl Kuhl. The church is called Mosaic and it’s in Elkridge, MD. I took my 5-year old stepson, Chase, to the Saturday evening service. He prefers to sit with the adults instead of going to the kid’s class LOL his favorite part was eating the communion cracker. It’s a start!


You need to check out this amazing sermon- Pastor Carl basically covers Matthew 11, explains the difference between doubt and disbelief as well as the rest and lightness in Jesus!

Contrary to popular belief, the opposite of faith isn’t doubt…it’s disbelief. Doubt is a part of faith. Matthew 11:3 says, “Are You the Messiah who is to come, or should we expect someone else?” How many times do we not see Jesus for who He is and look for another solution? And if we do see Jesus, how often do we doubt He can do what He claims because He doesn’t do it fast enough? We must have faith like a child but maybe not the patience of one LOL 



When I was writing this out on paper yesterday, a song by the band mewithoutYou, popped in my head because the lyrics at the end reference Matthew 11: 17

Torches Together” by mewithoutYou

Lyrics to “Torches Together”

Photos created by Rachel O.C. with SnapchatYouVersion & Aviary Photo Editor



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