5 Ways Nehemiah Found “Favor With Kings”

Favor With Kings by Caleb Anderson is a 7-day devotional featured on Youversion.com or the YouVersion app. (With even more info here )

The first 5 books of Nehemiah are the main inspiration with a focus on leadership. This devotional speaks out deeply to leaders of all sizes. We all lead in one way or another, but how we lead is the most important part. Read the devotional for yourself and check out these 5 takeaways that you can implement TODAY!

lego_breakthrough_wall“Bad News is the Genesis of Breakthroughs”

Nehemiah was living in a palace when he heard the bad news about Jerusalem and troubles with the Persian king. He didn’t ignore his distressed friends that traveled 800 miles to deliver the news- he compassionately inquired and wanted to help.

masks-701837_960_720“Feelings Follow Action”

Instead of being caught up in the bad news, we can follow through with one action at a time in the right direction. This will surely deliver us to an array of positive opportunities. If you figure out your “why” first, the “way” will be easier.

eugenio_zampighi_-_first_stepShowing Up is the First Step

Nehemiah was a cup bearer now going to contract and build a city with walls! He had really soft hands…just saying. Through faith, the “spark” in Nehemiah became a “flame” among the people.

8591569812_b977d143ae_b“Progress Leads to More Progress”

Nehemiah purposefully constructed the new city and walls using systems. Define your goals and take “microsteps” to accomplish them.

no-68481_960_720Learn to say ‘NO’ to greed, pride and bitterness

Empower others by delegating tasks and rewards. Don’t keep all the fun to yourself and don’t hold back others. Love frees…

Please comment below if anything stood out to you and you want to start implementing in your life NOW!

[Scriptures featured from the Books & Chapters of: Nehemiah 1-5; 2 Thessalonians 3; Exodus 18; Galatians 5; Matthew 17; Mark 6; Colossians 3; 2 Corinthians 1; Revelation 21; Isaiah 55; and Hebrews 11. For specific verses, please read the devotional here.]


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